Christmas Traditions….. (it’s all ruined!!!!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by kkbrummund

My tree :-) I really love it

I’m from a Family Where Christmas is huge… Huge… All out huge always has been…always will be…….Wait.. Maybe not anymore.

My mother and Father Growing up got into Christmas so much our Electric bill had to jump 100$ the months of November and December from all the lights, One year my mom  even built a Gingerbread house for the front yard the size of most kid’s playhouses.

After I got married I kept some of the traditions.. (the lights.. my husband is so annoyed by the lights (-:  )

Even being married We would still go to my mom’s house every Christmas eve, it was something the kid’s would look forward too…  It was something I looked forward too..

Now beings I’m a actual adult.. and My mom’s retired her and her husband my step dad, Are going south for the winter before Christmas…..

Being a adult.. I know that it’s good for them and they deserve it after working so hard for so many years… But the kid in me…

Wants to kick my legs and scream. CHRISTMAS IS RUINED!!!!! :-)  ok not really .. We’ll Start our own traditions now And christmas eve will be at the house and nice and quiet …. At home ..watching Christmas movies.. . maybe Christmas eve  supper with my sister and her Family…

Christmas day looks to be the same,At home just me my husband and kids,  it’ll be a different Christmas for us that’s for sure.. .Free From Traditions and making New memories.

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