Back to the land of the living tomorrow…

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by kkbrummund

Today beings Wednesday , means tomorrow I enter the land of “working mom” and I get to get out of the house and dress in big people clothes and enter the land of Adults. YAY!!!! Although it never fails…. My husband knows I work two days a week one week 3 days a week the next and he says…..  “hey .. i think we should run to Fargo tomorrow.”. I just look at him like ..REALLY..REALLY… MONDAY I WANTED TO GO..TUESDAY I WANTED TO GO..THIS MORNING!!!! I WANTED TO GO… but he knows I work tomorrow and says the 9 little words that makes my Wednesday Come Crashing down :-) Yes yes I’m sure he does it on purpose. 

Being the Holiday Season, means that not only are we running about trying to get gifts and clean up.. and get things ready and bake and whatever else in gods name it means that makes people have to run to the store 3 times in 1 day… the schools add to it.. I have 3 kids in public schools and god bless those teachers, I adore all my kid’s teachers and feel like they’re getting a outstanding education.. but really.. 3 kid’s means 3 holidays parties 3 treat parties, 3 whatever.. and it’s all… driving.. me…. mad!!!  

Middle Child’s party has to be a treat that’s green it’s a grinchmas? ugh.. whatever,

..   Youngest Childs party.. Not too sure about it as the note he brought home dropped into a mud puddle and ripped..typical boy

, Oldest daughter now she has a 5th grade band concert….. I was a 5th grade band’er (not a word but whatever people I’m off coffee and pop and trying to lose 15 lbs by christmas back off my wording) anyway, WAIT… WHAT WAS I SAYING???.. AH yes.. I was a 5th grade Band’er, and I know…. We were horrible.. Horrible.. Dogs in the neighborhood i’m almost sure they all ran the heck away screaming in terror when our annual christmas Concert came around.. :-) So while I support and love her love for music… I’m going to be taking 3 advil before I walk into that place. :-)

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