Monday, December 3, 2012 by kkbrummund


I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I’d be so happy it’s Monday Morning…

See I don’t work Monday’s the husband so tired from his night shift Sunday Night comes home and goes RIGHT TO BED.. and my 3 loving adorable little children run along the 2.5 blocks to school… :-)


then It’s just me… A coffee Pot and The dogs and cat. (whom are annoying me at my feet right now don’t they know i’m basking in the bliss of Quiet?!)

.. Monday’s Are Hectic.. and There is ALWAYS one kid out of the 3 who will forget their homework at home and will call me about it at some point in the day, and there is always one kid out of the 3 that “forgets” to tell me they’ve signed me up for snack duty that day and didn’t bring home the list. There’s always one… one out of 3 isn’t bad right?

Little Buggers.

┬áThis weekend I told myself over and over.. Monday morning you will get up.. you will clean the house a bit then you will run to Fargo and do some Christmas shopping….

that’s all well and good in thought.. But Putting actual Pants on and making myself look presentable really isn’t winning over my Flannel pants and ┬ámy bath robe right now…. Not in the least bit. Although these 3 are adorable and sweet enough for me to want to make the mad rush to toys R Us and find all those things they want.(Right now my check book is physically laughing at me as if I could afford the things they want)

— Ah the smell of Sweet Coffee in the morning how I love you :-)

On that note, I shall go pour myself a Cup of coffee that I got Locally (SHOP LOCAL!!! IT SUPPORTS YOUR HOME TOWN AND THEY DONT SHOOT YOU DAGGERS WHEN YOU WEAR SWEATPANTS!!)

CRAP!!!!!! There’s the all to Familiar sound of the Garbage Truck and i’m guessing the kid’s forgot to put the cans on the curb…. Well mr.Garbage Guy.. Here I come.. In all my Glory of a Flannel pants.. a Old T-shirt a messy Bun and a robe to hunt you down before you leave!!!!! :-) wish me luck.

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