A Method to the madness…

Saturday, December 1, 2012 by kkbrummund

My Mother used to say that all the time… 

“Kristen, there’s a Method to your madness somewhere”

What the heck does that mean…. I mean really.. My kid’s are searching the house for a missing Nintendo DSi for the weekend road trip with my sister and Dumping things out I found myself in a  “Oh my god did I just say that? I’m turning into my mother moment”

I said.. Excuse me kid’s …. I understand you’re looking for this.. but is there a Method to this madness of yours? ….

Instant feeling of age, Dumping on my like Left over Spaghetti which also.. got dumped on me tonight…. No method to that madness.

My house is a zoo… I’m sure of it…. .. Currently as I type this .. .There is Two kids With their heads stuck in a Laundry basket that’s empty.. asking each other..  hey do you see the Ds in there? Nope.. Do you see it in there???


I feel like my way of parenting from my mothers is way different… Mine is more laid back… in a …. hey kids clean your room.. Hey Kid’s clean your room.. hey kid’s clean your room.. UGH. then I’m over asking them to do it..

My mom on the other hand was more of a CLEAN YOUR ROOM NOW!!!! Then she’d come in inspect it and make me re-do whatever was not in her order :)

Besides being a total Hopeless Neglectful Mean Parent.. the question is….

Is there a style of Parenting that’s better than another, or is it all about how the kid’s handle things? … How the Parents Handle things?

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing it all wrong.

Can’t be all wrong.. They’re healthy.. .. happy…. INSANE but Mostly Normal kids… (as Genetically normal as I could make them… 😮 )

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