Even when I have a day off of work….

Thursday, November 29, 2012 by kkbrummund

Even when I have a day off work, it’s not like a day off…


Doctors appointments for one child in a town that’s 45 minutes away then when I get home I get called into work for about a hour and a half to help out ( a welcome break).

Then… I do what Every working mother does… I walk in.. to my Husband and children on the couch smiling at me…. Supper ready…. Homework done… Life bliss and a bath waiting for me… *then I snap out of it and realize i’m still sitting in my car in the front of the house* .. what I really walk into was.. My husband and all 3 kid’s sitting on the couch Much like my dream… Only ..NOT SMILING… I didn’t catch all that was thrown at me in one screaming sentence of everyone shooting information at me like paintballs.. but I think it was something like this….


Middle Child : Mom!! Mom!! I need a old person by next week…

Me: Of course.. Wait? What? A old person.. Wha? What’s going on here!!

Oldest child: Mother!! MOTHER!!  I was TRYING TO do my home work but these bozo’s (points to the other two kids) came in my room and played monopoly ..DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO PICK UP MONOPOLY?

Me: Uh, Yeah.. you bend over.. pick up one thing at a time until it’s done.. get it done as a team!!!

middle Child: Mom!! OLD PERSON!! REMEMBER ..OLD PERSON!!

Youngest Child: Mom.. I pooped today… twice!! TWICE MOM!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!

Husband : EH? how’s those taco’s coming?! Making them?

Oldest Child: I missed school today for this doctors appointment and I still finished my homework before these two and Monopoly is still everywhere mom!! I need my shoes washed too.. mom this is totally important.. Phy ed. tomorrow..

Me: Wait ….. WAIT!!!!!  You! (points to the middle child) why on earth do you need a old person and why by next week? … you!!! ( oldest) GO CLEAN UP THE MONOPOLY OR I SWEAR ON ALL THAT IS HOLY I MAY BURN THE BOARD GAME .. IT’S POSSIBLE!!…… You!! (youngest) It’s great that you’ve pooped , thank you for sharing. You!!! (husband) get up and help!!!!!


Supper was done I snuck away very quiet like to take a bath….. 30 seconds after sinking into the water my husband burst into the room making me think either A. The house was on fire….  B.A kid was puking or  C. someone broke something …. It was neither… it was … hey you!! get out of the tub I gotta take a shower so I can get to the store to get the dog some dog food before they close. So much for my bath…..  :-)

After my bath I sat on the couch to talk to the kid’s about their day as We do normally, my oldest tells me they Are Climbing the Rope in Phy ed. You remember the Rope that hangs from the Ceiling of the gym and you have to try to make it to the top…. I was AWESOME at it… (well I was until we ran into my old Phy ed’ Teacher who is now my daughters and he said.. YEAH YOUR MOM MADE IT TO THE TOP BUT BACK THEN WE HAD KNOTS IN THE ROPE AND IT’D GIVE YOU SLIVERS IF YOU SLID DOWN ON IT… GREAT.)

Then she told me she  was playing ping pong…. I uttered the words that ended the night for everyone……

“Oh I was really good at table tennis” — What i heard next was a combination of Groan and scream…




go to bed kids.


Tomorrow I have to work… and enjoy the land of Adults who say things like table tennis and drink coffee and worry about christmas budgets. — ugh… It sounds horrible. :-) Tis the Season.



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