shhhh.. Hear that???? silence!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 by kkbrummund

Hi!! Let’s get started here.. First off.. I’m a 30 year young (30’s still young don’t tell me different!!! 😉  ) Mother of 3 , Wife of 1 , Small two North Dakota Raised…Short. Often Mistaken for a child myself when picking up my children from school (middle school kid’s are mostly the same size as me sadly) Enough of me.. let’s get to the “Meat and potatoes” of it all shall we…. Wait… here that?????

Silence, Sweet Silence….. 

Don’t get me wrong… I love the giggles that comes with being a mother of 3 kids

ages 10,8 and 5 but when it’s bedtime and they’re safe and snug in their beds and I have the sinks full of dishes.. and clothes that

“like totally need to be washed by tomorrow mom.. just have to wear these all my friends are..” 

and all I can think about is………..

Wait.. What was I thinking???

Ah, the life of a Mother.

Sure I work Part time.. 3 days one week 2 days another.. Is that considered part time? I love my job love it!! At first I thought….. YES!!! a escape!! a light at the end of the mother wash my Favorite shirt, and mother I only want to wear two different socks I don’t like them when they match.. mom I can’t find my home work and did you know that I needed to have you and me have a entire Village made of Clay, Yeah I got that note two weeks ago and forgot to give it to you….

see I looked at the job as a light at the end of that messy tunnel, but it’s turned into a work from 9-5:45 then Rush home and Take One to Gymnastics and the other to Piano and come home and make supper before the husband leaves for his job on the night shift and then.. oh yeah the Clay thingy.. yup. The Light at the end of the tunnel was a spread sheet of things that needed to get done all in 3 days instead of 7 :-)

But then again…. When it’s silent and the kid’s are just climbing into bed and my oldest is reading to her younger two siblings (without being asked mind you.. yes miracles do happen)  and there is giggles because A told B and B told C to meet them at the top of the coconut tree..

it makes all the running around worth it… it makes the fact that I can’t remember if I showered today or was that last night?…..Worth it.

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